Deposition Advice for Plaintiffs in a Wrongful Termination Case

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One of the very common issues that plaintiffs have in a wrongful termination case, which might hurt their case and on which the defending employer may capitalize, is anger at the empoyer and the resulting victim mentality on the part of the aggrieved employee, where he/she seesm to act like what happened to him/her is catastrophic, and no one else out there has experienced anything as traumatic as his or her loss of job, discrimination, retaliation, harassment, etc. This kind of attitude will hurt you at a deposition and at trial in front of the jury and its very important to not come across as someone with that kind of mindset.

There are several reasons why the victim mindset is harmful. First, people don’t usually feel sorry for those who are very sorry for themselves and who cry to the world about how unhappy they are. The judge, the jury and others have their own problems. Your discrimination or termination case will pale compare to someone who lost a son in a combat in Afghanistan, or even someone who was involved in serious car accident that left that impaired for years. Loss of employment is a very difficult experience, but you must keep things in perspective and not make more out of it than it is, as it will necessarily backfire.

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